Wine tasting

In the B&B: We also organize guided local wine tastings, with appetizer included, run by owner Ennio who was named No. 1 Italian Sommelier for 2006 by the FISAR Sommelier Federation.
He is now the head of the Sommeliers in Orvieto. Please book in advance.
The cost is between 20 and 40 Euro according to the number of participants and the type of wines.

  1. ”ORVIETO CLASSICO”: two white wines (including a Charmat-method spumante), two red wines (one young and one aged) and a special wine (fortified or passito) (Euro 12.00 per person);
  2. ”ORVIETO SUPERIORE”: two white wines (including a classic-method spumante), two red wines (one of recent vintage and one aged over a long period in wooden barrels) and a special wine (passito or noble rot wine) (Euro 18.00 per person);
  3. ”UMBRIA TOP”: two top-level white wines (including a classic-method spumante), two Umbria DOCG reds (Torgiano Riserva and Sagrantino from top wineries) and a top-notch noble rot wine (Euro 28.00 per person).