PRESS RELEASE no. 176/06 G.M. of 7 April 2006

Orvietano Natale Cadamuro is the “Sommelier of the Year”.
The “Sommelier of the Year” is called Natale Cadamuro, he is an Orvietano and a member of the local FISAR delegation. That was the result of the competition held recently on the fringe of the XXV° National Assembly of the Sommelier Federation in San Vincenzo (Livorno), where Cadamuro beat two other colleagues in the finals. Theoretical and practical tests on wine – to contemplate, predict, taste, judge – made him the undisputed number 1.
The Orvieto FISAR Delegate, Fulvio Valle, present to elect the national executive bodies, announced the news with evident pleasure which it was of course for “trainers” Amilcare Frellica, Alessandro Rosati and Enzo Stopponi, course directors and “athletic coaches” of our champion.
“The title won by Natale Cadamuro,” he said, “fills us with pride because it demonstrates the quality of our courses and our instructors who clearly have no fear of comparison with other national bodies. Orvieto has shown itself to be a town of great enological and gastronomic quality and also of passionate connoisseurs of such delightful pleasures.”
Natale Cadamuro, originally from Treviso, has lived in Orvieto for many years and indeed attended his Sommelier course there. His athletic carrier is over but in the recent past he was an international rugby referee for 12 years and holds the singular record of having been the first Italian sporting official called up for the World Rugby Championships, in 1991. Having hung up his rugby boots and been enchanted – used as he was to Prosecco and Raboso Piave – by a powerful Umbrian Sangiovese, over the years he has deepened his knowledge of Bacchus’ nectar, marrying a desire for perfection with an erudite modesty. Today he is a member of the Orvieto FISAR executive committee.